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Java and C++ Important Libraries for Speed Programming

In my past 2 year of CS degree, I’ve participated in different Speed Programming competition with my amazing team. In our first competition, problem was too lengthy to be solved with simple array. We found need for some libraries to get the Speed eg. vector (for linked list like structure and can get interesting with tuple) and string (substring, replace, find…) function. But soon later we find more libraries useful such as HashMap (java) and map (c++). List below are the initial libraries we include in every competition.

Java Libraries

  • StringBuilder
  • Scanner
  • File
  • ArrayList
  • Collection eg sort
  • HashMap
  • String
  • Math eg rand
  • LinkedList
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • DecimalFormat
  • BigInteger
  • BitSet

Some time, needed for float precision.

  • System.out.printf()

C++ Libraries

  • cstdlib
  • fstream
  • vector.h
  • cstring
  • cmath
  • algorithm
  • map.h
  • tuple.h
  • bitset
  • regex

Best of luck for competition.

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