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Transfer file without USB cable via Wi-Fi Instead

It isn’t very old when we used to transfer data between devices using Infra-red where we attach both devices at specific position and Thanks to Gods if data successfully transfer. With the advance of technology Bluetooth take the position of Infra-red. Now-a-day internet is so fast that we have forgot that we once used to share data with Bluetooth. Bluetooth lack behind just because of speed in this era of GBs.

There are two difference ways to transfer file between devices using Wi-Fi with speed of 100 MBits or more.

File Sharing Server

This approach create a web server on your device which can be access on your network with an IP address generated by application. In this case you require a internet router for sharing file.

  1. WiFi File Transfer (Android)
  2. AirDroid (Android)
  3. AirMore (Android / iOS)

Starting Server

Web Interface

Ad Hoc Device

Wi-FI come with a technology call Wi-Fi Direct in which you Wi-Fi device start acting like internet router so other device can connect to it just like they connect to any Wi-Fi Router.
In this approach first device become a host and at certain IP it share data. There are some application which handle all these headache.

  1. SHAREit(Free)
  2. Feem (Free)

Main PC Interface, It is same on Android as well

Connected to PC

File Transferring – PC

File Transferring – Android

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